General Information


We are the Cowichan Valley Athletic Club (aka CVAC JAGUARS). We are a Track and Field Club for the youth of the Cowichan Valley. We encourage all young people to try track and field. You never know if your son is the next Dylan Armstrong (BC Boy who is a World Class Shot Putter). Your child will learn how to compete in all of the basic track and field events as we do a rotation training. Before the first Island track meet they will know what to do.

We also encourage all members to attend at least one track meet on the Island, if not more. If you are new and young, we encourage you to view track meets like a Sports Day and try everything and make it a fun day. We will be there in our tent to help you out and support you.

There are also awards at different levels that many of our athletes have achieved. There are Vancouver Island Awards, and Provincial BC Athletics awards. We are amazed at how well our athletes did last year.

Our club also hosts a track meet in June, called the Garriock Track Meet. This is particularly fun for all family members as we all join together to make this a success. Kids and parents together volunteer, and compete, and we are known to have the best track meet on the island. Last season we even had a parent/coach relay.

We are a member of BC Athletics and like them, our goal is to encourage and develop the widest participation and highest proficiency in the sport of Athletics from childhood onwards. The Junior Development (JD 9-16 years), U18 and Senior (U18+) program at CVAC follows the Long Term Athletic Development stages as outlined by Athletics Canada. 

We run a rotating program for Athletes aged 9-16 (JD program = Junior Development). Athletes older than this are usually starting to specialize and we try to help them develop in their events of choice. We offer them coaching clinics and help them develop their own training program.

Parent Participation

The success of our club is based on the active participation of our members. Members are needed to help set up and put away equipment at practices as well as volunteer a little of their time officiating at track meets they plan to attend. Parents’ participation is required to help the club offer a full scope of events.

Our track club is responsible for officiating the high jump event at every island track meet. Each season, a short, high jumping clinic is offered for all parents. Every family is expected to participate in officiating the high jumping event at every meet that they attend. This will only require an hour or two for the full weekend. There are seven island series track meets.

Also, each year, CVAC hosts the Garriock Meet, which is a huge success because of our awesome volunteers! Many volunteer positions are available ranging from feeding the officials to setting up the equipment.

Vancouver Island Athletics Association (VIAA)

Our club is also a member of the VIAA. Through the VIAA, our members can particiate in 5 Island Track meets and one pentathalon meet. Most of these track meets are called ‘Sticker Meets’ and they are free with your membership. The Track Meet at UVIC is the only VIAA meet that our members can not attend for free (they give medals).

The VIAA is an informal association of all the competitive track and field clubs located on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Powell River [Zone 6]. Members assist the other clubs in hosting and officiating at the two series hosted by the VIAA: the VIAA Track and Field Series ~ a series of 5 to 7 track meets held from April to June each year and the VIAA Cross Country Series ~ a series of 5 to 6 cross country races held in two parts, late fall and early spring. We owe the VIAA a debt of appreciation.

To learn more about the Vancouver Island Athletics Association click here.